The Friendly Staff at DJS Associates

In-House Consultants

Justin P. Schorr

Justin P. Schorr, Ph.D.

Principal Collision Reconstruction Engineer

R. Scott King, BSME, CFEI

Principal Automotive/Mechanical Engineer

Robert T. Lynch, P.E.

Principal Collision Reconstruction Engineer

John R. Yannaccone, P.E.

Principal Mechanical Engineer

James R. Schmidt, Jr., BSME

Collision Reconstruction Engineering Analyst

Hugh Borbidge, BSME

Director of Engineering Animations

Timothy R. Primrose

Mobile Forensic Analyst

Laurence R. Penn, CFVT

Senior Forensic Animation / Video Specialist

Jon W. Adams

Director of 3D Reality Capture

Field and Technical Crew

Pete B. Aiston

Pete B. Aiston

Forensic Investigator


Robert Gisondi

Lead Forensic Investigator


Leslie E. Lovre

Senior Technical Assistant


Stephen P. Anderson

GIS Technical Analyst


Joy Falk Schorr


Lauren Troxel Wysocka

Executive Director

Emily Mettin

Emily E. Mettin

Human Resources & Operations

Office Personnel

Rebecca D. Selby

Director of Case Operations and Scheduling

Sarah Hood-Betts

Director of Case Administration

Alexa M. Stutz

Manager of Evidence and Engineering Services

Karen Saylor

Karen E. Saylor

Lead Case Coordinator

Katie L. Cappello

Case Intake Assistant

Stephanie Hopf​

Stephanie L. Hopf

Case Intake and Expert Referral Coordinator

Rebecca A. McCaffrey

Case Manager

Alexis C. Flores

Alexis C. Flores

Case Manager

Lidia Banh

Lidia Banh

Case Manager

Stephanie Bogutz

Stephanie J. Bogutz

Case Manager

Sam Brumberg

Samantha H. Brumberg

Administrative Assistant / Receptionist

Samantha Maneval

Administrative Assistant / Receptionist

Patricia Underwood

Patricia L. Underwood

Billing Manager

Victoria Rutherford

Billing Administrator

Emily Hopf

Emily R. Hopf

Marketing Coordinator

Georgia A. Bilby

Marketing Assistant

Bruce A. Mettin

Operations and Project Manager

Richard W. underwood

Richard W. Underwood

Building Maintenance Supervisor

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Peter B. Aiston

Pete earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design from The University of the Arts in 1991. He has over 10 years of experience as a Forensic Field Technician, responsible for conducting site surveys; 3D HDS laser scanning; digital photography and videography; and all related documentation. As a member of the 24/7 Rapid Response Team, Pete is available at a moment’s notice to investigate and document a collision or site when and where needed.

Pete’s certifications and additional training include Crash Data Retrieval (CDR), Event Data Retrieval (EDR), and FARO Focus 3D Scanning. He is an Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) remote pilot, licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Outside of DJS Associates Pete enjoys spending time with his son, Luke, and coaching his soccer team. Pete is a movie aficionado, and loves to get a round of golf in when he has the time.

Pete’s Email:

Robert Gisondi

Robert joined DJS Associates in 2016, as a member of the 24/7 Rapid Response Team. He is responsible for conducting site and vehicle inspections where he utilizes state-of-the-art technology including 3D HDS Laser Scanners; Drones (UAS); Terrestrial Photographs and Videos. He is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a licensed Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) remote pilot. Along with Robert’s meticulous collection of case data, he has an advanced understanding of data processing systems, including use of in-house software, Cyclone and Scene.

His versatile background in data collection and processing allows him to work with different experts and engineers from a variety of disciplines to obtain the proper information needed based upon case issues. Robert has been involved in documentation projects outside of the legal and insurance fields, including construction, architecture, and historical preservation.

Robert is a loyal Philadelphia sports fan across the board. He hopes that by the time he retires, he has the chance to see the Flyers win a Stanley Cup. If that doesn’t happen, he, his wife, and their two dogs will still remain lifetime fans.

Rob’s Email:

Leslie E. Lovre

Leslie started her career with DJS Associates in 1991 in the outside consulting department. After a career change in 2000 to teaching Integrated Marketing Communications as an Assistant Professor, she returned to DJS in 2015 as Technical Assistant to R. Scott King, BSME of the Automotive Engineering Division. With her experience and technical acumen, Leslie is the epitome of versatility. From efficient project management, office administrative functions, as well as vehicle and vehicle systems research to 3D High-Definition Laser site and vehicle documentation, Leslie plays a part in practically every aspect of the Automotive Division.

Leslie enjoys engaging dialog and building strong personal and professional relationships. When not working, Leslie spends her spare time volunteering with several charities and loves spending time with her husband, son and daughter.

Leslie’s Email:

Stephen P. Anderson

Stephen began his career in 2020 as an intern for DJS Associates, working with 3D site scan data for the In-House Consulting Department. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Geographic and Urban Studies, with a minor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from Temple University, Stephen started working for DJS full time that same year. As the GIS Technical Analyst, he assists in the data processing activities for site and vehicle documentations including scans, videos, and photographs. Stephen collects and updates inspection and surveillance information for use in DJS’ proprietary mapping databases, used for engineering research, the DJS National Documentation Network, as well as internal projects.

In his free time, Stephen enjoys golfing, cooking, going to museums, and hanging out with his two cats Gino and Ang. He also spends time with his father, both participating in competition skeet shooting.

Stephen’s Email:

Joy Falk Schorr, CEO

Joy has been with DJS Associates, Inc., since 1986, when she was brought in by her husband, Steven M. Schorr, P.E. After assisting in case management, billing, marketing, and overall operations, Joy began the Outside Consulting Department. With a strong understanding of the legal industry’s need for experts in all disciplines, Joy began building a network that has grown to over 400 engineers, experts, doctors, and scientists nationwide. Now, as Chief Executive Officer, Joy manages the overall operations and resources of DJS Associates, Inc., ensuring our clients’ case and educational needs are continuously met by our firm and its personnel through unsurpassed forensic consulting, technology and animation services, as well as by providing unparalleled client service.

When not at work, you can usually find Joy working out (a true Peloton junkie), hanging out with friends (her “golden girls”) or relaxing on the couch with Rocky, her furry female cat. Her favorite foods are Sushi, Lobster, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, and a good Tequila.

Joy’s Email:

Lauren Troxel Wysocka

Lauren earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Bloomsburg University (BU) in 2013 and her Master of Business Administration with a concentration in innovation from Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) in 2020. Shortly after completing her undergraduate degree, Lauren began her career with DJS Associates as the Administrative Assistant / Receptionist. While working her way through many roles at DJS, including billing administration, case management, and marketing, Lauren developed a passion for organizational planning and operations, leading her to continue her education at Thomas Jefferson University.

Now, in her current role as the Executive Director, Lauren works with the CEO, President, and Executive Director of Human Resources & Operations to plan and execute the growth and operational strategies of DJS Associates and Forensic Storage and Technology Center. Along with internal administration, she oversees the Outside Consulting Department, Marketing Department, and organizes DJS’ CLE and CE credit approved educational seminars/webinars across the United States.

Outside of DJS, Lauren spends her time with her loving pets: Doug, Peg, Indiana Jones, and Bigfoot. She enjoys learning new languages, watching true crime shows, and traveling.

Lauren’s Email:

Emily E. Mettin

Emily joined the team at DJS Associates, Inc., in 2021. Emily is a Certified Professional in Human Resources, holding both SHRM-CP and PHR certifications, with fourteen years of Human Resources experience. In her role at DJS as the Executive Director of Human Resources & Operations, she is a leader of team member engagement, development, recruitment, on-boarding, workforce planning, coaching, benefit administration, workers compensation/risk management, and payroll administration. Along with traditional Human Resources responsibilities, Emily also works directly with the CEO, President, and Executive Director to coordinate and manage the internal operations of the company.

Emily adores spending time with family and friends, especially planning trips throughout the year. She enjoys all things music and loves making playlists for people! More recently, she has started to explore different recipes at home and watching all the movies her friends have recommended over the years (she admits how “behind the times” she is in this area!).

Rebecca D. Selby

Rebecca began working at DJS Associates in 2004 as the Administrative Assistant / Receptionist. Throughout the following years, Rebecca’s eye for precision and understanding of casefile needs put her on the fast track to becoming Senior Case Manager for the Collision Reconstruction Department, 3D Engineering Animations Department, and High-Definition Laser Scanning projects.

Now, as Director of Case Operations and Scheduling, Rebecca supervises the day-to-day operations of the In-House Consulting Department by ensuring all client inquiries are answered properly and in a timely fashion, supervising the pre- and post-inspection activities of the Field Crew, and managing the DJS National Documentation Network for country-wide site and vehicle documentations. Along with overseeing the in-house administrative activities, she manages new and active case files for the 3D Engineering Department as well as DJS’ President, Dr. Justin P. Schorr, by effectively maintaining schedules for deposition and trial testimony, client meetings, and report deadlines.

In her free time, Rebecca enjoys attending concerts and trying new restaurants with her boyfriend. In the warmer months, you can find her at Rehoboth Beach, or on a cruise ship.

Rebecca’s Email:

Sarah Hood-betts

Sarah began working at DJS Associates in 2015 as a Paralegal for the In-House Consulting Department. In 2020 she transitioned to Project Manager for Robert Lynch, P.E., Principal Collision Reconstruction Engineer, where she manages active case files by coordinating site and vehicle inspections; scheduling client meetings and engineering testimony; organizing and digesting discovery materials; completing casefile research, and proofing reports.

Most recently, in 2023, Sarah became DJS’ Director of Case Administration. As Director of Case Administration, Sarah utilizes her experience and background in the legal industry to effectively create, implement, and maintain plans to actualize business objectives within the In-House Consulting Department. She collaborates with the President, Principal Collision Reconstruction Engineer, and Director of Case Operations and Scheduling to plan and execute the team’s growth and operational strategies.

Sarah maintains her certification through the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) and is a member of the Philadelphia Association of Paralegals (PAP.) She actively continues to grow her knowledge of legal concepts and topics in the industry to aid in providing our clients with exceptional service and understanding of their needs.

Sarah is an animal lover, and once spent five months interning at a farm animal sanctuary. Together with her husband and two kids, she enjoys visiting New York City, finding new restaurants, and going to the movies. Sarah also loves cooking and hanging out with her cat, Pepper.

Sarah’s Email:

Alexa M. Stutz

Alexa began working at DJS Associates in 2020 as an Engineering Administrative Assistant for the In-House Consulting Department. Alexa assists on active case files for R. Scott King, Principal Automotive/Mechanical Engineer, Timothy Primrose, Mobile Forensic Analyst, and Leslie E. Lovre, Technical Assistant, by scheduling inspections, handling client inquiries, and managing deadlines. Alexa is also responsible for cataloguing and maintaining diagnostic tools for downloading event and cellular data, as well as collecting and storing evidence associated with forensic extractions.

Outside of work, Alexa enjoys spending time with friends, trying out new restaurants with her boyfriend, and going on long walks and cuddling with her dog, Brody. She also always looks forward to making a trip or two out to Florida each year to visit family.

Alexa’s Email:

Karen E. Saylor

Karen joined the team at DJS Associates, Inc., in 2021. As the Case Intake Coordinator for the In-House Consulting Department, Karen oversees new and pending matters in the areas of Collision Reconstruction, Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mobile Downloads, Documentation/Reality Capture, and Video Enhancement/Analysis. Her responsibilities include obtaining necessary case information, conflict checking, case and client database entry, and ensuring clients are connected with qualified experts to assist with their case needs.

When Karen isn’t at work, she enjoys all things true crime, from documentaries to podcasts. A born foodie, she relishes in creating new recipes and discovering unique eateries with her boyfriend. When she isn’t thinking about unsolved mysteries, murder, and food; you can find her holding book club with her friends, watching Disney movies, or searching for olden day circus and sideshow memorabilia.

Karen’s Email:

Katie L. Cappello

Katie joined the DJS In-House Consulting Department as Case Intake Assistant in 2023.  She coordinates with the Case Intake Coordinator, in-house experts, and DJS administration to receive and facilitate new and pending cases for clients in the areas of Collision Reconstruction, Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mobile Downloads, Documentation/Reality Capture, and Video Enhancement/Analysis.  Her responsibilities include obtaining necessary case information, conflict checking, case and client database entry, and ensuring clients are connected with qualified experts to assist with their case needs.

Katie enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and cuddling with her dog Odin. In her spare time, she often goes on adventures hunting for antiques and vintage treasures. She also enjoys going to museums, creating art, and exploring nature. Her love of coffee and Italian cuisine inspires her to find new coffee shops and restaurants around Philadelphia. Her most important life passion is volunteering and helping others around her community.    

Katie’s Email:

Stephanie Hopf

Stephanie joined the Outside Consulting Department at DJS Associates in 2022. As Case Intake and Expert Referral Coordinator, Stephanie handles the intake of new cases and working with the client to ensure qualified experts are retained to assist. She ensures proper handling through conflict-of-interest checking, establishing understanding of case needs, and clearly communicating with clients and experts make certain appropriate referrals are made. Along with casefile setup, Stephanie vets new experts to continuously build upon the DJS network throughout various geographic locations and areas of specialty.

Outside of work, Stephanie loves sharing time with her family watching Jeopardy, playing board games, and spending time outdoors. She has two daughters, a loving husband of 28 years, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Scout, and a cat named Whiskey. Her hobbies include riding her bike, gardening, and anything crafty. She is an avid reader of mystery and thriller novels, especially anything written by Clive Cussler or Preston & Child.

Stephanie’s Email:

Rebecca A. McCaffrey

Becca began working at DJS Associates in 2016 in the outside consulting department. As a Case Manager, she is the liaison between clients and experts, ensuring deadlines, scheduling and correspondences are handled in a timely manner. In addition to file management, Becca provides assistance to the billing department, posting time entries for outside consultants and handling invoicing for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Becca recently moved to Fishtown, Philadelphia, where she has been spending her free time hanging out with friends, eating good food, and going to concerts. Becca also enjoys traveling, with recent trips to Dublin, Paris, Budapest, and Vienna.

Becca’s Email:

Alexis C. Flores

As a Case Manager for the outside consulting department, Alexis is the liaison between clients and experts, ensuring deadlines, scheduling, and correspondences are handled in a timely manner. Her experts are primarily in the medical fields, including nursing, physicians, surgeons, therapists, and more. She also assists in file management for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

In her spare time, Alexis enjoys going on walks every Sunday and kayaking with her mom during the summertime. She loves to spend time with her niece, nephew, and fur-nephew Marble the bunny. She is also a fan of finding new foreign shows to watch on downtime.

Alexis’ Email:

Lidia Banh

Lidia began working at DJS Associates in 2022 as administrative assistant for the In-House Consulting Department. At the beginning of 2023, she joined the Outside Consulting Department as a Case Manager for experts specializing in engineering, trucking, and other areas of transportation. Her role extends from litigation cases to insurance claims, with responsibilities including coordinating inspections, scheduling expert / client communications, and ensuring deadlines are met.

Lidia’s two favorite words are, “Let’s go!” Whether it be chasing the best sunrises and sunsets, trying new restaurants, or exploring historical landmarks—when she’s not in the office, it’s tough to find her. If you do cross paths, you’ll likely see her with her three awesome kids, who round out the rest of her traveling group of knowledge seekers.

Lidia’s Email:

Stephanie Bogutz

Steph joined the team at DJS Associates, Inc. in 2022. As Case Manager, she ensures that details, scheduling, correspondence, and materials are secured for the In-House Consulting Department. She is responsible for assisting with deadline management, processing mail, and addressing client requests in a timely manner. Steph provides the highest quality of administrative support, deriving from her prior experience gained in legal administration. At DJS Associates, Inc., Steph enjoys working closely with case managers, engineers, and clients, providing the highest quality of administrative support.

When Steph is not working at DJS, she loves spending time with family, friends, and her dog, Thor. Steph enjoys visiting new restaurants and reading classical literature. Her hobbies include watching documentaries and podcasts in the true crime genre. Steph is also a classically and operatically trained singer, with a love for musical theater.

Stephanie’s Email:

Samantha H. Brumberg

Samantha is one of the friendly voices you hear when you call DJS Associates. As the Administrative Assistant for the Outside Consulting Department, she is responsible for assisting case managers, experts, and clients with file administration, data entry, scheduling, and new cases. In addition to working with the Outside Consulting Department, Samantha also assists the billing department with documentation for accounts receivables and payables.

Samantha enjoys spending time with her family, nephew, fur-niece Lyanna, as well as her own dog, Sabrina. During the summer season, you can find her at the beach in Ventnor, NJ or attending a concert of one of her favorite artists! Samantha also enjoys traveling and watching her favorite tv shows and movie franchises.

Samantha’s Email:

Samantha Maneval

As an Administrative Assistant for the In-House Consulting Department, Samantha assists the case managers, experts, and clients with file administration, cataloguing file data, scheduling, and opening new cases. In addition to her departmental responsibilities, she is one of the friendly voices you will hear when you call DJS Associates.

Outside of DJS, Samantha loves to spend quality time with her husband and her two cats, Swiper and Pumpkin. Cooking is one of her lifelong passions and she loves to test out new recipes with her family and friends.  Samantha loves to travel, play video games, try new restaurants, and go out dancing.

Samantha’s Email:

Patricia L. underwood

Patricia has been with DJS Associates, Inc. since 2017. As the Billing Manager, Patricia handles invoicing for the in-house department, including following up on account receivables. Patricia’s responsibilities include billing database management; the processing and distribution of timely statements; maintaining up-to-date billing information for clients; and budget maintenance and management. She is always happy to assist experts and clients with any billing questions. Patricia enjoys arranging and assisting with inter-office events as well as community service projects for the company.

When she is not working, you can find her at her son’s sporting events, exploring photography, or visiting her family in Florida.

Patricia’s Email:

Victoria Rutherford

Victoria joined the team at DJS Associates, Inc. in 2021. As the Billing Administrator, she handles the processing and timely distribution of invoices for DJS’ outside consulting department. Working directly with the Billing Manager, Victoria is also responsible for assisting with statement preparation for the in-house engineers, database management, updating case-related billing information, and general billing inquiries from clients and experts.

When Victoria is not working, you can find her walking the neighborhood with her two sons, trying to become friends with all the dogs they meet. She enjoys going out to breakfast, reading a good mystery book, and cuddling with her cat, August. In addition to a monthly trip to Cape May to visit her mother, Victoria and her sons enjoy playing card games and having fun with nerf gun battles.

Victoria’s Email:

Emily Hopf

Emily joined the Marketing Department at DJS Associates at the beginning of 2023. As Marketing Coordinator, Emily works alongside the Executive Director to execute DJS’ marketing and advertising campaigns, track and analyze results, and generate new marketing strategies. She assists in organizing CE and CLE presentations for events on behalf of DJS and various industry associations. Emily exhibits her attention to detail and natural ingenuity throughout the firm’s website, social media pages, and expert-related content to provide clients with DJS’ growing areas of specialty, case studies, industry updates, and more.

Outside of the office, Emily enjoys exploring a variety of creative hobbies with an overly ambitious attitude. Her current fixations include crocheting and painting with acrylics, often while listening to true crime podcasts. Emily likes to play indie board games, solve mysteries and puzzles, and visit local breweries with her friends.

Emily’s Email:

Georgia Bilby

Georgia joined the Marketing Department with DJS Associates in 2023 as an intern while she was completing her bachelor’s degree at Drexel University.  After graduating, she became a full-time employee with DJS as the Marketing Assistant.  Working closely with the Executive Director and Marketing Coordinator, Georgia’s responsibilities include developing and maintaining all firm websites, assisting with content planning and distribution, and overseeing administrative tasks for the Marketing Department.

Bent on discovery, Georgia brings an adventurous spirit to everything she does. In her free time, she likes to take walks, visit new places, and create art using reclaimed items. Georgia has a diverse background and has a deep appreciation for her strong support system of friends, family, and colleagues! Thanks to her unrelenting curiosity and inquisitive nature, one of her favorite activities is asking questions.

Georgia’s Email:

Bruce A. Mettin

Bruce joined the team at DJS Associates, Inc. in 2022. As Operations and Project Manager, Bruce works alongside the Executive Director of Human Resources & Operations to lead and support DJS’ business operations to maximize efficiency and elevate service experiences for our clients and associates alike. In addition, with his background in technology and education, his contributions to strategizing all things IT and training related has been a welcomed addition to the team.

Prior to joining DJS, Bruce worked in several different settings in compliance, risk, healthcare, and fraud examination. Bruce holds certifications as a Fraud Examiner, and in Healthcare Compliance, Privacy Compliance and Research Compliance. Bruce has lectured at both the state and national level on topics related to Clinical Care and Fraud Analysis. While most of his career can be said to have been spent on the administrative side of things, Bruce has spent time teaching Nursing at Drexel University and Technology for a school system teaching kindergarten to adult learners.

When not having fun in the office setting, Bruce spends most of his time with family and friends, including his wife, Carol, their three children, two grandchildren and several grand puppies. He enjoys playing rounds on the golf course, taking his grandkids to swimming lessons and sitting on the board of a local fire department.  He always wishes to travel more– and would love to plan a golf/scotch tour in Scotland in the next few years!

Bruce’s Email:

Richard W. Underwood

Richard, better known in the office as Spike, has been with DJS Associates since 2013. As the maintenance supervisor, Spike oversees the day to day maintenance and operation of the DJS office. As a talented electrician and carpenter, Spike utilizes his skills to build additional office space for the ever growing DJS team, as well as testing materials and prototypes for in-house engineering research projects.

A longtime hockey lover and retired player, Spike volunteers his time for the Abington Ice Hockey team, something he has done for years with our late President, and his dear friend, Steven Schorr. When the DJS team is lucky, Spike brings the office tasty treats from his wife, Jennifer, or brings in our favorite small pup, Lily.

Richard’s Email:

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