Collision Reconstruction Experts

The collision reconstruction engineers at DJS Associates use scientific methodology to determine how a crash occurred, the mechanics of the incident, and the contributing factors that lead to the collision. Beginning with site and vehicle inspections, the engineers and forensic investigators utilize robust technology including 3D laser scanners, UAVs (drones), accelerometers, and more to collect precise measurements, roadway markings, physical evidence, and additional data critical to their analyses. Upon completion, the engineers look to the inspection data; electronic data including surveillance videos; event data; infotainment, and telematic data; witness data including deposition testimony, witness statements, and police reports/photographs; and historical data including signal timing plans, roadway designs, and previous accident history to complete their analyses. When requested by the client, the engineers work with our 3D engineering animations department to produce accurate, court-accepted demonstratives for mediation and trial.

When site and vehicle inspections are not possible due to destroyed evidence or a changed environment, a desk-top analysis can be completed by reviewing the supplied discovery data. This allows our collision / accident reconstruction engineers to provide clients with ethical and accurate opinions based on available reliable data.


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