24/7 Rapid Response

Early preservation of evidence is critical for any investigation. The certified professionals at DJS Associates are your resource for rapid response and documentation. Avoid spoliation claims and losing valuable data, call the Rapid Response Team today.

Inspections Services Include

▻3D High Definition Laser Scanning
▻Drone Documentation
▻Sight Distance Photography & Video
▻Terrestrial Photography

Site and Evidence Preservation

▻Building Collapse
▻Fire Investigation
▻Premise Liability
▻Structural Damage
▻Vehicle Collisions

Crash Data

▻Air Bag Control Module (ACM)
▻Event Data Recorders (EDR)
▻Global Positioning System (GPS)

Contact A Member of the Rapid Response Team Below

Investigations / Data Collection / High-Definition Surveying /
Scene Photographs / Vehicle Documentation

 Robert Gisondi, Lead Field Investigator
Cell: 267-222-2151
Work: 215-659-2010 (ext. 29)
Email: rgg@forensicDJS.com

Pete Aiston, Field Investigator
Cell: 215-280-8237
Work: 215-659-2010 (ext 16)
Email: pba@forensicDJS.com

Collision Investigation and Reconstruction /
Data Collection / Vehicle Documentation

Justin P. Schorr, Ph.D., President
Principal Collision Reconstruction Engineer

Cell: 215-850-1886
Work: 215-659-2010 (ext. 11)
Email: jps@forensicDJS.com

Robert T. Lynch, P.E.
Principal Collision Reconstruction Engineer

Cell: 215-260-3892
Work: 215-659-2010 (ext. 21)
Email: rtl@forensicDJS.com

Automotive Mechanical Inspections / Trucking Inspections /
Event Data Recorder Downloads / GPS Forensics

R. Scott King, BSME, CFEI
Principal Automotive / Mechanical Engineer

Cell: 610-329-7383
Work: 215-659-2010 (ext 35)
Email: rsk@forensicDJS.com

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