Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving: Was Texting and Driving Involved in the Collision?

Case Synopsis: A southbound commercial tractor-trailer was in the process of turning left onto a general access roadway as a northbound passenger vehicle approached. As the tractor-trailer turned left, the tractor portion crossed the northbound lane of travel and its trailer straddled the northbound lane of travel. A collision occurred while the right side of the left-turning tractor-trailer was exposed to the oncoming passenger vehicle, and the passenger vehicle traveled underneath the trailer before coming to rest. Unfortunately, the operator of the passenger vehicle sustained severe injuries from the crash and did not survive.

Analysis: The iPhone 6 that belonged to the operator of the passenger vehicle was examined to see if cell phone usage was a contributing factor in the collision. The forensic analyst followed proper protocols and placed the mobile device in airplane mode prior to conducting a forensically sound acquisition. The mobile device did not have visible damage and it was not locked with a passcode. The investigator extracted, reviewed and analyzed data respective to the time frame of the collision. Review of a timeline of events proved that the iPhone 6 was not used immediately preceding or during the time of the incident.

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