Product Liability Experts

The product liability experts at DJS Associates are experienced professionals consisting of backgrounds in various types of engineering, materials science, manufacturing, and design, among others.  They investigate cases regarding consumer products, warnings and labels, defects, warranties, after-market alterations, recalls, maintenance, food safety, electrical fires, and more.  Our experts perform various types of investigations to analyze the failure and determine the root cause, from inspecting the product/equipment to reviewing labels, warnings, user manuals, service logs, repair records, codes, standards, and warranties.  Evidence inspection and storage solutions are offered through our Forensic Storage and Technology Center. 


Case Studies

  • Consumer Safety Product
  • Consumer Product Warning
  • Product Defects
  • Product Design

  • Product Failure
  • Product Maintenance and Care
  • Product Modification
  • Product Packaging

  • Product Recall
  • Manufacturing Defects

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