When do you need to contact a Structural Engineer, Biomechanical Engineer or OSHA Consultant?


Daniel Honig, PE – Structural Engineer
Robert Nobilini, Ph.D. – Biomechanical Engineer
Jon Pina, MS, CSP – OSHA Consultant


Plaintiff entered building to inquire about a trailer that was for sale and he fell on the steps. Witnesses say he had a heart attack, fell and then continued tumbling down. Coroner listed the major cause of death as trauma from falling down, not a heart attack. A structural engineer was needed regarding design / code issues with the existing stairwell.

Claimant tripped and fell; breaking her jaw. She claimed the injuries came from a fall on the insured’s property. The insured claims that her broken jaw could not have happened from this type of fall; but instead, the claimant’s boyfriend hit her and broke her jaw. A biomechanical engineer was needed to determine cause of injury.

Attorney represented the grain mill company where the plaintiff, welding contractor, worked and was injured in a propane gas explosion. The area was claimed to be a “confined space” under OSHA regulations. Questions arose, and a consultant was brought in to ascertain whether or not “hot work” permits were required to be issued to the plaintiff.


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