“PC-Rect is a program for the rectification of photographs. Rectification is the transformation of a photograph oblique to a surface into a plan view, like a map. The program allows the user to rectify photographs of surfaces which are close to being planar, such as roadway surfaces at accident scenes. As a result of the rectification, an image view normal to the surface (a plan view for horizontal surfaces) is created. This makes it possible to view all distances in the planar surface true to scale and angle … in addition it is possible to load and rectify videos with PC-Rect.”



Step-By-Step Example of How Our Engineers Utilize PC-Rect


Step 1

Physical evidence resulting from a crash is oftentimes documented with photographs, but not with measurements.

photogrammetry step 1 photogrammetry step 1


Step 2

Paint markings may have been placed on the roadway to identify points of rest of vehicles and other physical evidence.

photogrammetry step 2 photogrammetry step 2


Step 3

Strategic measurements for use in PC-Rect analysis of a photograph can be gotten from an aerial photograph.

photogrammetry step 3 photogrammetry step 3


Step 4

Those measurements can also be gotten from a site laser scan.

photogrammetry step 4 photogrammetry step 4


Step 5

The image(s) is rectified into a to-scale, plan-view.

photogrammetry step 5 photogrammetry step 5


Step 6

The rectified image(s) is aligned with an aerial photograph and/or analysis drawing.

photogrammetry step 6 photogrammetry step 6


Step 7

Points of rest of vehicles can be plotted, and other analysis can be performed with the to-scale plot of the physical evidence.

photogrammetry step 7 photogrammetry step 7


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