NHTSA Recall Notification Regarding The Air Brake System


This week’s recall summary from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) involves the Air Brake System in certain model year UD Trucks with a dual steering system. UD Trucks Corporation manufactures medium-duty Commercial Trucks. “Modifications to the vehicles may have resulted in loss of isolation between the primary and secondary air brake system.” The consequence of this failure can result in a total loss of brakes. Since the systems are not isolated, If an air leak is experienced in one system, the other system will also be affected. Brake loss can lead to a loss of control and an increased risk of a crash. If you have any questions about this recall, or would like to further discuss it with R.Scott King, BSME, please feel free to contact him at 215-659-2010 or via email at rsk@forensicDJS.com

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