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What Data is Available From Smartphones?

Modern cellphones mostly maintain the same data but with a few differences. Data available from iPhones vary from iPhone to iPhone. Android is an operating system and is utilized by multiple manufacturers, such as Samsung or LG. Due to different manufacturers developing their own devices with the Android operating system, the data retained on an Android device may vary, but only by very little. Since multiple manufacturers have the ability to tweak the Android operating system, the security is weaker than Apple’s operating system, providing access for greater data extraction methods on Android devices. A logical acquisition can collect data currently on a device that is accessible by the user (text messages, call history, pictures, etc.). A physical acquisition is the most invasive, accessing unallocated space and carving deleted data. The following will break down what data is available from smartphones since 2007.


Text MessagesCall LogsGeolocation

iPhone 4S and later (2011-Present)

Text MessagesCall LogsGeolocation

iPhone 4 and earlier (2007-2010)

Text MessagesCall LogsGeolocationApplication Usage

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