Mechanical / Electrical

DJS Associates’ forensic engineers and technical specialists are leaders in automotive and vehicular investigations and analysis for all types of automobiles, trucks, tractor-trailers, motorcycles and off-road vehicles. Our forensic engineering consultants possess numerous years of both practical and professional expertise in the vehicular / automotive mechanical engineering field.

Our engineering and technical consultants specialize in investigating and analyzing: automotive defects; tires, steering, brakes and related mechanical issues; electrical functions; airbags; seatbacks; fire cause and origin; sudden acceleration; crashworthiness; seatbelts; vehicle stability; accident investigation; and other areas. With state-of-the-art technology, such as crash data retrieval and analysis (event data recorders), high-definition surveying (HDS), GPS devices, as well as our full-service Forensic Storage & Technology Center for vehicular / mechanical inspections, DJS Associates, Inc. provides clients with the tools and resources to evaluate, analyze and demonstrate vehicle component and automotive mechanical issues.

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