How this totaled car’s black box caught a politician speeding


Any politician who crashes a government-owned vehicle can expect some hard questions. A politician who flips and totals a Ford Crown Victoria at 5 a.m. several miles from his home faces far more suspicion. The Massachusetts pol behind this crash sought to clear his name by releasing the data from the car’s "black box" — and in doing so, tripped himself up.


Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray crashed the 2007 Crown Vic on the morning of Nov. 2, after the car went off an interstate and rolled twice before hitting a rock ledge. Murray survived with minor injuries, and when Massachusetts State Police responded, Murray asked for and passed a sobriety test.

State police later chalked the crash up to icy roads. But under pressure from political opponents and lingering questions about why Murray was 30 miles from home — he said he had woken up early to survey snowstorm damage — Murray asked officials to release the data in the Crown Vic’s "black box."

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