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DJS Associates, Inc., and the Aquatic Safety Research Group can provide you with qualified consultants in the areas of aquatic safety; beach, lakes and lifeguard safety; diving, slip and falls, drowning, scuba diving, shallow water blackout, warnings, water slides, pool equipment and chemicals, and water park safety.

Who is the Aquatics Safety Research Group?


Aquatics Expert Witness

Aquatic Safety Research Group is dedicated to reducing disability and drowning at aquatic facilities while enhancing the swimming experience, through research and education. Founded by Dr. Tom Griffiths, ASRG provides innovative water safety and risk management programs and services throughout the United States and internationally.

We offer aquatic services to evaluate areas of risk at your pool or beach; educational sessions to cover the issues and concerns regarding pool management, aquatic risk management, and lifeguarding; further lectures and presentations on key aquatic topics; and publications, books, and DVDs to add to expound on these key topics.

We also provide references to aquatic products and links to help you manage the risks at your pool or beach as well as to find out more about organizations that provide water activities and certifications.

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Dr. Tom Griffiths - Aquatic Safety Expert
Founder & CEO of Aquatic Safety Research Group
Dr. Tom Griffiths

Founded by Dr. Tom Griffiths of Penn State University, Aquatic Safety Research Group provides innovative water safety and risk management programs and services to a wide range of clients througout the United States and internationally.


Dr. Tom Griffiths not only brings decades of pool and beach experience to each training program, but his experiences as an expert witness bring reality to his unique approach to aquatic risk management.


Griffiths’ textbook, The Complete Swimming Pool Reference, 2nd ed., is widely used to train swimming pool and spa operators in the safe and efficient management of their facilities. This text serves as the foundation for Aquatic Safety Research Group’s two certification programs for swimming pool operators. Practical Pool Management Plus (PPM+) is a two-day workshop, which provides pool operators the opportunity to become certified in order to meet state training requirements. Certification, provided by Aquatic Safety Research Group, LLC, has been deemed equivalent to the National Swimming Pool Foundation’s Certified Pool Operator course as well as the National Recreation and Park Association’s Aquatic Facility Operator course. The one-day Practical Pool Management (PPM) course also provides the opportunity for pool operators to become certified and is an excellent training program for states, which do not clearly define the level of training needed by a pool operator.


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