DJS Associates Offers Up-to-Date PC-Crash for Clients


PC-Crash is a state-of-the-art, physics-based, computer simulation program.  It is used as an analysis tool in the evaluation of vehicle dynamics and all-types of vehicular collisions, including those involving pedestrians.  Simple engineering-based animations can be created from within PC-Crash, or detailed simulation data can be exported from PC-Crash for use in 3D animation software.  Such software can then used to create highly accurate and realistic, to-scale, 3D engineering-based computer animations.  An engineering-based computer animation is based upon an engineering analysis and is simply a demonstration of the results of that analysis. DJS is pleased to inform our clients of our update to the most current version of PC-Crash for our clients’ needs.  For additional information on PC-Crash, contact James Schmidt, Jr., BSME at

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