DJS Associates Announces Utilization of Panoramic / 360° Photography with Fisheye Lens Technology


DJS Associates is utilizing a new process where a DSLR camera equipped with a Fisheye Lens is deployed at our existing laser scan setup locations.  This new technology allows us to create spherical panoramas which can be used to virtually place the user at the location from which the laser scan was captured.  Being that it is a spherical panorama, the user can rotate the view 360°, allowing them to look in any direction as if they were standing at the location.  Additionally, the spherical panorama can also be used to generate high resolution texture maps, which can be baked onto the point cloud collected by the scanner.  This process helps to color the point cloud with a  palette that is identical to conditions on the date of the scans. For additional information on this new technology, or any non-forensic laser scanning project,  please contact Jon W. Adams at DJS Associates. He can be reached via email at or via phone at 215-659-2010.

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