Curtis M. Beloy, PE Discusses Key Issues Concerning Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction.


Curt’s Corner: Did you know….?

– In 2009, 42% of two-vehicle fatal motorcycle crashes involved a vehicle turning left while the motorcycle was going straight, passing, or overtaking the vehicle. (source IIHS)

– Standard-type motorcycle brakes are activated independently of one another, allowing the rider to control the amount of front wheel braking and the amount of rear wheel braking.

– Some motorcycles come equipped with airbag systems.

– Studies have shown that wearing helmets restricts neither the ability to hear horn signals nor the likelihood of visually detecting a vehicle in an adjacent lane prior to initiating a lane change.  (source NHTSA)

– To corner, a motorcyclist must initiate a lean by counter-steering (i.e. initially turn the bars to the left for a curve to the right).  This concept was explained by Wilbur Wright, who worked as a bicycle mechanic early in his career.

About the Author
Curtis M.  Beloy, PE is a Collision Reconstruction Engineer and Motorcycle Safety Specialist with DJS Associates, Inc.  He is an active motorcycle racer, longtime motorcycle enthusiast, and a former product test engineer for the motorcycle racing industry. For further information, contact Curt Beloy at

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