Applying 3D Analysis to a Sport’s Injury

3D models of 2 football players in action

Laurence R. Penn, CVFT, Senior Forensic Animation/Video Specialist

To better understand the cause of a sports injury, reverse projection photogrammetry analysis was used to establish the movements of two football players through space and time. Utilizing video footage capturing the game from two separate camera angles, the players’ movements were reconstructed with to-scale 3D models relative to a scaled 3D model of the football field. The two angles of footage allowed for tracking movement that may have been obscured in one camera’s view by the bystanders seen along the sideline in the foreground of both videos.

The resulting 3D analysis provides an additional 360-degree examination of the players’ relative positions and the dynamics of their physical interaction. After establishing the precise movements of the players, further forensic analysis of the incident could be conducted by biomechanical engineers to evaluate the cause of injury. The combination of video footage and 3D analysis also serves as a dynamic demonstrative tool to bolster and/or illustrate the engineer’s analysis.

Categories: 3D Animation | Forensic Video Analysis | Laurence R. Penn, CVFT

Tags: 3D Tracking | Photogrammetry | Sports Injury


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