Airbag Control Module

Curt M. Beloy, MSME ::::

Case Synopsis:  Vehicle 1 was traveling northbound (NB) approaching a line of stopped cars at an intersection.  Vehicle 2 was also traveling NB in the same lane, behind Vehicle 1.  A collision occurred when the last of the stopped vehicles was rear-ended by Vehicles 1 and 2.  Operator #1 claims he brought his vehicle to a stop behind a line of cars, was rear-ended by Vehicle 2, and pushed into the rear of the stopped car.  Operator #2 claims that Vehicle 1 rear-ended the stopped vehicle in front of it and then he hit the back of Vehicle 1.  No evidence was left on the roadway as a result of the collision and the damage to the vehicles did not indicate any specific order of impact.  Based on the physical evidence alone, a determination of the order of the collisions was not clear.


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