Engineering Animation: Accident of 18-Wheeler and Red Sedan

Accident Collision

Hugh Borbidge, BSME, Director of Engineering Animations

Our Engineering Animations team at DJS Associates, Inc., followed methodical steps to accurately reconstruct the events that lead to an accident between an 18-wheeler and the red sedan depicted in this animation. Reconstructing vehicle collisions can help answer questions such as: Who was to blame – The driver of the tractor trailer, or the driver of the passenger car, or neither? Was the layout of the roadway to blame?

Working backwards from the points of rest allows us to piece together what happened and produce a visual reconstruction with animation technology. While recreating the environment using animation software, our engineers will reference photographs, visual markers and measurements collected on-site by our DJS 24/7 Rapid Response Team and Field Crew. Additional items of interest taken into consideration, include:

  • Any potential sightline obstructions
  • Vehicle damage
  • Physical evidence
  • Points of rest
  • Vehicle abilities
  • Road geometry
  • Witness testimony

In this case, expert analysis concluded that the geometry of the roadway did not allow the tractor trailer to maneuver itself through the circle without the trailer encroaching into the right-hand lane. However, the following passenger car had sufficient time to perceive, react and slow down to avoid impacting the trailer.

Our collision reconstruction animations often include multiple perspectives to further demonstrate the vehicles’ paths leading up to the point of collision. This animation features a view facing the oncoming vehicles as well as the passenger vehicle’s driver view (inset). By applying laws of physics and using measurements to ensure consistency, our engineers are able to accurately animate a single event from additional angles.

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