Automotive Experts

With decades of “hands-on” industry experience, rigorous engineering education, and advanced investigative strategies, the automotive experts at DJS Associates are uniquely qualified to investigate and analyze issues relating to commercial trucks and trailers, passenger cars and trucks, motorcycles, recreational equipment, airport ground support equipment, among other wheeled vehicles and equipment.  Employing a thorough, systematic investigative process, the team of automotive experts applies their expertise in cases of suspected brake failures and unintended acceleration; wheel detachments; vehicle and equipment fires; airbag deployment; and much more.  The DJS Associates’ automotive experts are industry leaders in the acquisition and analysis of crash data from advanced on-board GPS, telematic, and collision avoidance technologies; “dash-cam” video data recorders; engine control modules; airbag control module data recorders; and integrated infotainment technologies. Equipped with the most current computer software, specialized vehicle connectivity hardware, and high-definition laser scanning equipment for precision vehicle documentation and data preservation, the automotive experts at DJS Associates are always prepared for any investigation. Anytime. Anywhere.


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