The Dispute Resolution Institute’s Personal Injury Potpourri

DRI April 2024

Justin Schorr, Ph.D., and Michael van der Veen, Esquire, will join an esteemed faculty of legal industry leaders at the Dispute Resolution Institute (DRI) Personal Injury Potpourri on April 18th.  Their presentation, “Tech Wins Cases,” will delve into real-world examples of compelling courtroom animations.  Providing insights into the expert’s process and the attorney’s perspective, the speakers will discuss leveraging demonstratives to illustrate complex scenarios to the client, jury, judge, or otherwise related audiences.

DJS Associates’ Executive Director, Lauren Troxel Wysocka, and Marketing Assistant, Georgia Bilby, will be exhibiting at this event!  Interested in learning more about our investigative services, courtroom animations / demonstratives, and expert witnesses / consultants?  Be sure to visit DJS’ booth to enter our business card raffle and connect with our team.  We hope to see you there!

For more information and event registration, please visit or contact Emily Hopf, Marketing Coordinator, at

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