The ‘Big Rigs’: Investigating Tractor-Trailer Accidents

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This webinar, presented by Dr. Justin P. Schorr, President and Principal Collision Reconstruction Engineer at DJS Associates, and Mr. Douglas B. Marcello, Attorney and Shareholder at Saxton & Stump, discusses technical and practical aspects of tractor-trailer accident investigation and litigation, emphasizing the contrast between analyzing heavy vehicle versus passenger vehicle collisions.  The speakers will include real-world case examples to assist in demonstrating applications of cutting-edge technologies for data collection, analysis, and reconstruction.  Additional topics to be explored include dash cam / surveillance video analysis, driver behavior, evidence preservation, roadway geometry, and safety systems.

“The ‘Big Rigs’: Investigating Tractor-Trailer Accidents,” is a complimentary CLE-accredited webinar for attorneys licensed in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  For registration and additional information, please contact Emily Hopf, Marketing Coordinator, at

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