Steven A. Sheridan Joins DJS Associates’ Automotive Team


Steven A. Sheridan is an experienced automotive service technician, new technology instructor and dealership manager. He has extensive experience in the latest automotive technologies including electronic braking and steering systems, state-of-the-art engine control systems, and common failure modes and trends. These, combined with his professional automotive management experience, uniquely qualifies Mr. Sheridan to evaluate claims involving automotive failures and defects, as well as the standard of care in the automotive service industry.

DJS Associates is excited to provide our clients the benefit of the combined automotive strengths and experience of R. Scott King, BSME, Automotive Engineer, and Steven A. Sheridan, Automotive Technician for your case and claim needs. Whether your matter demands the automotive engineering experience you’ve come to know from Scott King, or you can benefit from Steve Sheridan’s experience, or perhaps a combination of both, we will continue to provide to you the same professional and quality service you have come to expect from DJS Associates over the years. For additional information, please contact Scott King at

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