Industry Update: New under-ride guard is standard


Stoughton Trailers has developed a new rear under-ride guard, in production just now, and has made it a standard feature. The company also made a decision to provide it at no additional cost. The guard is designed to afford better protection to the driving public in the event of an accident at the rear of the trailer.
Stoughton engineers were challenged to design a guard based on the recommendations of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The challenge was met without adding weight, without negatively affecting aerodynamics, and without reducing the robustness of the undercarriage and rear structure. Better yet, the guard is one of only three on the market to pass the difficult 30-degree offset crash test.
The patent-pending new under-ride guard underwent extensive testing both internally and through multiple independent testing agencies, including crash testing performed at an IIHS facility in Virginia. The new design complies with all applicable U.S. and Canadian regulations.
Stoughton’s new guard design includes two additional bolt-on vertical supports on the outer ends of the horizontal bar. All four supports are integrated into the bar and fastened to a robust undercarriage to strengthen the guard. The new guard will be available in painted carbon steel, galvanized steel, or stainless steel options.

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