“Elder Abuse and Neglect” CLE Webinar

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Stacy Donnelly, RN, BSN, Nursing and Nursing Home Expert with DJS will present the complementary CLE webinar, “Elder Abuse and Neglect,” on March 5th.  While these are difficult topics to consider; the serious medical, social, and psychological impacts should not be ignored.  Education is essential to identifying, addressing, and preventing incidents. In this 60-minute presentation, attendees will learn about various instances of elder abuse and neglect, warning signs, and steps to take if misconduct is suspected.  Ms. Donnelly will also share techniques used in the investigation of these incidents, providing real-life case studies and opportunities for attendees to engage with questions and discussion throughout the presentation.

“Elder Abuse and Neglect” is a CLE webinar accredited for attorneys licensed in Pennsylvania and Delaware.  For registration and more information, please contact Emily Hopf, Marketing Coordinator, via email at marketing@forensicDJS.com or call 215-659-2010.

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