Digital Forensic Software Upgrade

Software upgrade

Timothy R. Primrose, Mobile Forensic Analyst

DJS Associates is proud to share news of our recent acquisition of the most robust premium hardware and software platform in mobile forensics, revolutionizing our investigations. Tim Primrose, Mobile Forensics Analyst, reviewed the upgrade details and provided his top takeaways:

  1. Access to more data. LOTS OF DATA. We now have the ability to capture more information about the data we collect while also collecting data stored in locations that were previously inaccessible, including more deleted data.
  2. Extended range of supported devices – new and old. Believe it or not, Mobile Forensic Analysts can retrieve data from a 2004 Razr Flip phone!
  3. Output of data. Modernization of the data reports produced from a forensic download allows for greater efficiency in the expert’s analysis of the information obtained. Identification of user patterns, timelines, relationships, and other details have been reinforced by the increase in data collection and can be reviewed in a concise manner.

Mobile forensics allows for a factual record of events and unraveling truth to be revealed through data used in an expert analysis. By investing in cutting-edge advancements such as the integration of this premium hardware/software platform, DJS continues our commitment to stay at the forefront of forensic investigations as leaders in technology. We encourage you to contact Tim Primrose to discuss what can be obtained from a cell phone or other type of mobile device for your case.

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