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For over 50 years, DJS Associates, Inc. has been, and continues to be, a trusted source of quality forensic consulting and litigation support services for the legal community, insurance industry, government entities, and the public and private sectors. Our global experience in all aspects of forensic investigation comprised of forensic engineering, technologies and animations is further complemented by an independent storage, inspection and conference facility to secure, test, analyze and document accident and crime scene evidence.

The many services and specialties of DJS Associates include a comprehensive expert referral network and dedicated educators in a wide range of disciplines, collision / accident reconstruction, and our innovative state-of-the-art forensic technology, such as 3D courtroom animations and 3D modeling. Effective and timely use of High-Definition Survey (HDS) 3D laser scanning and Event Data Recorder download, supplemented with forensic photography, videography and photogrammetry, have contributed to our reputation as a respected forensic consulting, technology and animations firm.

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